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Global Consulting International Inc. (GCI), a SBA-certified 8(a) small business, is a Microsoft, Oracle USA, and Hewlett-Packard  partner.  It was incorporated in January 2005 by Sandeep Sharma, GCI president and CEO, who had served as an Oracle employee for eight years prior to founding GCI.  GCI headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a convenient location from which GCI employees and consultants travel throughout the country.

  • A key characteristic of GCI is that the company has been built on customer satisfaction.
  • GCI’s continued growth is the result of satisfied customers recommending the company to other organizations, both public and private.  GCI solutions are backed by a rock-solid commitment to customer care and to providing clients with end-to-end customer satisfaction.
  • A hallmark of the work and attitude of GCI professionals is honesty and integrity.  We provide our customers with honest answers and workable, efficient, cost-effective solutions, which is why client referrals have been such a large part of the company’s success.
  • GCI maintains our technical leadership in a broad range of enterprise technology disciplines because we focus on strategically positioning our resources toward the application of our core competencies.  We exercise discipline, limiting our new business involvement to those areas that build upon our critical areas of expertise.
  • We successfully complete or are asked to continue working federal projects because we bring together the essential organization and quality control found in large organizations with the flexibility and quick reaction capability of a small entrepreneurial firm.
  • GCI’s core capabilities include solutions in IT, medical staffing, logistics and engineering,

GCI has considerable government and commercial IT experience, particularly in the areas of system and business analysis, upgrading systems, new system design and development, adapting legacy systems to current needs, software design and development, providing new software specifically adapted to customer requirements, adapting COTS applications to the customer’s personnel and tasks at hand, and ongoing operations/maintenance.

GCI provides the best value and lowest possible risk to our healthcare clients mainly because we understand the complexities and challenges of providing healthcare facility support services throughout the 50 states and in the territories.  GCI has the military-specific expertise, the proven past performance, the management approach and the recruiting power to ensure that all aspects of any healthcare-services contract are fulfilled and that the service our people provide is outstanding.  The GCI people responsible for ensuring our success and that of client facilities are experienced medical-staffing professionals, including medical recruiting staff, credentialing specialists, and program, project and quality-control managers.