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Engineering Services

GCI provides a variety of engineering services. Working through accepted systems-engineering processes, GCI staff can solve a variety of engineering design, test, build and documentation tasks.   Following ISO and similar standard protocols, GCI personnel analyze need, design, fabricate, test and provide drawings to improve aging systems and replace obsolete components.

GCI staff are experts at solving diminishing manufacturing source and material shortage (DMSMS) problems. Solving such problems may involve finding and relying on alternate vendors or creating alternate designs of components, and the process can include reverse engineering as well as redesign.

Experts with the Right Stuff

GCI is able to provide or hire the precise engineer, subject matter expert, program manager, technical support personnel, documentation writer, or drawing expert to be able to solve issues with:

  • DMSMS Solutions
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design
  • Engineering Program Management
  • Redesign of Aging Systems
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Systems Design and Optimization
  • Technical Data Package Development
  • Technical Order Creation
  • Tradeoff Studies and Analysis