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Logistics Services

GCI provides a variety of logistics services—the detailed planning, organization and implementation of large and complex operations.

In today’s world it is imperative, particularly for the military, to be able to respond quickly to various issues and situations that can arise around the world.  Response time and the ability to maintain a response are usually controlled by the quality of the supply and acquisition preparation, management and operation—the logistics.  The military depends upon people who can organize successfully and can be prepared, especially when the mission involves numerous people and a lot of equipment.

GCI is experienced in providing logisticians, acquisition managers, subject matter experts, consultants, supply chain managers, configuration managers, technical drafters and program managers to support the various steps in the logistics chain.

GCI provides subject matter experts, analysts, and consultants to support ongoing Department of Defense (DOD) mission needs.  Logistics personnel ensure that the government is able to respond to mission and readiness needs by performing the following tasks:

  • Acquisition Analysis and Tradeoffs
  • Configuration Management
  • Legacy Component Support
  • Lifecycle Costing
  • Logistics Database Support
  • Logistics System Analysis
  • Obsolete Parts Tracking and Resolution
  • Operational, Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness Analysis
  • Parts Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability and Maintainability Analysis

GCI also provides advisory and assistance services (A&AS) to a variety of clients and for a variety of needs.  A&AS support can be for administrative services, human resources support, IT services, and other technical services.